BBC Explains Quantitive Easing in 57 seconds

How do you explain Quantitative Easing?

BBC Using a great technique you can all use

– Get on the Whiteboard

The Whiteboarding wave (Sonsie’s favoured communication medium) has now made it onto the BBC. As this approach to presenting is the best way to explain complex proposition simply and in a way everyone can understand they clearly thought that was the only way to explain today’s move by the Bank of England.

Quantitative Easing is understandable for economists but for us mere mortals it is not so easy to grasp.

But when the concepts are brought alive by a visual and interesting single page diagram with animation – it is an easier concept to grasp.

The same approach works for any proposition where there is complexity to explain or the unique value compared to others needs to be made clear.  It works for me and our customers and I promise you there are very few artists among us..

Here is the BBC whiteboard –

Graeme McKenzie